A history of the Family Miller

The Nymphenburg Castle holds the southern galery of which King Ludwig I's beauty galery is the most celebrated room:

36 aristocratic and bourgeois women, extravagant ladies and respectable maidens of the peasantry acted as models to the painter Joseph Stieler between 1827 and 1850, among them several of the King's mistresses like Helene Sedlmayr the so-called “Beauty Of Munich“, a local shoemaker's daughter and Lola Montez, who contributed greatly to the downfall of the previously popular king.

But it was the ideal of beauty not a beauty contest that reflects the galery's meaning.

The picture of Helene Sedlmayr is probably the prettiest one in which the galery's main idea, the portrayal of virtuous beauty was masterly implemented.

She even attracted a king: Helene Kreszenz Sedlmayr, born in Trostberg near Traunstein Feb 12th 1813 as the daughter of a reputable shoemaker became a maid in Altötting. She worked in the same capacity in Munich between 1828 until 1830 and as records show is said to have been an extremely trustworthy and industrious person. During the years 1830/31 she worked in a fashion- and toy shop owned by the merchant Auracher on Brennerstraße where she also worked as an escort-lady.

Queen Therese, Ludwig's wife once bought toys for her princes at Auracher's which Helene was supposed to deliver to the residence. As luck would have it she met the king himself who, surprised by her extraordinary beauty and chastidy asked for her name and family background.

When she met him again in her Sunday clothes wearing a silver bonnet on her pitchblack hair he decided to have her picture painted for the beauty galery.

The King wooed her with following words:

"Don´t have such a searching and inquiring glance. You frech, loveliest beauty, look at me and trust me."

The King wooed this ‘Beauty of Munich’ with great desire and determination which, for a common shoemakers’ daughter, could not be without consequence.

To protect the Royal Court from embarrassment, Helene Sedlmeyer was betrothed to the ‘Hofmarshall Miller’ who, as a loyal servant to the King, had no choice but to accept the marriage

Helene Miller died in age 85 and were buried on the Campo Santo of the southern cemetery near the Great Cross of Halbig. The painting of the young Helene as she was 18 was finished in 1831 by Josef Stieler and has immortalize her as the ´beautiful maiden of Munich`.

This is how Helene Sedlmeyer became the great, great grandmother of the brothers Ernst and Peter Miller and their sister Felicitas. To this day, after more than 100 years, Helene Sedlmeyer still influences the destiny of the family.