A historic viewpoint high above the Berchtesgaden area

Fascinating panormaic views can be enjoyed by visiting the Eagle's nest (1,834m / 6,017ft).  Its construction ordered by Martin Bormann, the so-called Eagle's Nest was offered to Adolf Hitler on the occasion of his 50th birthday with the aim of using it for representation purposes for official guests. The challenging construction of the Eagle's Nest was completed in some 13 months' time including the road, the highest in Germany.

The road from Obersalzberg leading up to the Eagle's Nest  is a unique and seen nowhere else in the world.  In 1952 the road was closed to the public and the special mountain buses were put into operation for the transportation of guests to this unique destination. 

Hitler himself seldom used the Eagle's Nest, finding the excursion up to the top too unnerving due to his fear of heights. After the War, thanks to Mr. Jacob, the local governor at the time, the Eagle's Nest was spared of being blown up. In 1960 the Bavarian State created a trust fund through which the Eagle's Nest is administrated and thanks to which the proceeds are used for charitable purposes. Today the Eagle's Nest is open to the public and can be seen in its original form. Administrated by the Berchtesgaden tourist board, it is leased out as a mountain top restaurant.