A land of unique diversity

Germany’s largest and southernmost state is a land rich in natural beauty, cultural heritage, lively traditions and cozy hospitality. The picturesque locality, medieval architecture and  impressive Alpine panorama will definitely fascinate you. The sky over Berchtesgaden is so often just like the Bavarian flag itself, a symphony of blue and white bathing the state in sunshine even when rainclouds cover the rest of the country. This is mainly thanks to the Foehn, a downwind from the Alps that blows away even the darkest of cloud. Nestling in the Berchtesgaden is a land of sunshine and picture-book scenery that has more diversity than almost any other region in the whole of Europe. First of all, Berchtesgaden is for those who love peace and nature. It is, undoubtedly, one of the most captivating places on the Earth.

If you can only visit one German alpine town, pick this one, you will not be dissappointed! The doors of Vier Jahreszeiten Hotel are always open for our guests! We will make your stay in the city as comfortable and pleasant as possible!