Alpine Jewel with a Fascinating History

We welcome you to the city of Berchtesgaden! Explore this charming little mountain town, sail on the Königssee, hike the alpine meadows, tour the salt mine and visit the local hofbrauhaus. The town lies in an area known as the Berchtesgadener Land, a little peninsula of Germany inserted into the Austrian alps near Salzburg. This remote southeastern tip of Germany has been a separate country for most of its history, ruled by a church-provost and later a prince, and was added to the kingdom of Bavaria in the 19th century.

The town of Berchtesgaden sits in one of the most spectacular natural settings in the world. The narrow, winding streets are lined with pastel houses in the alpine style, and locals entertain the visitors with Bavarian music and dance.

If you can only visit one German alpine town, pick this one, you will not be dissappointed!