Berchtesgaden Royal Palace

The splendor of Berchtesgaden Royal Palace will produce an impact on any tourist. The former monastery of the Augustiner was home of the Prince’s provosts of Berchtesgaden. From 1810 to present, it serves as the residential castle for the Bavarian royal dynasty.

 There are 120 incredible placements in the Berchtesgaden Royal Palace. During the excursion, you can have a look at 30 of them. Original furniture, gobelins, porcelain, weapon and hunting trophies will impress you . Undoubtedly, amateurs of pictorial art and sculpture will be delighted with a big collection of painting which belonged to Prince Ruprecht. The exposition of Berchtesgaden Royal Palace is counted to be the wealthiest in the South Bavaria.

After a tour round the palace we are pleased to welcome you to the rose garden with a glorious view on the mountains. Later you should visit the Museum of hunting where you can watch a film about biography of Albrecht, Duke of Bavaria who was a rapt hunter.

At the end of excursion you will be waited for the arcades with painting inside. This spot is a main sightseeing of castle square.

Visiting Berchtesgaden Royal Palace is an excellent opportunity to open the city from new aspect and to become enchanted by its age-old history.