National Park of Berchtesgaden

All the tourists visiting Berchtesgaden will be amazed with the incredible beauty of Berchtesgaden National Park.

Once the Berchtesgaden National Park was conceived as a place for the regeneration of flora and fauna. Today it is not only a reserve, but also used for recreation, scientific research, and educational purposes, protected by UNESCO as a bioreserve. The reserve zone covers about 21,000 hectares and is an island of absolutely untouched nature where human intervention is completely ruled out.

The chain of hiking trails and paths in total is more than 250 km and it makes the Park a unique place for recreation. 

The peak of Watzmann which height is 2.713 meters, is a symbol of the Berchtensgaden region. Its eastern slope is the longest wall for rock climbing of all the eastern Alps - a real challenge for those who like extreme sports! In addition, the places that are really worth visiting are the Stone Sea (das Steinerne Meer) and the highland plateau of the Hagen River (Hagengebirge) - the giant plateau of the table mountain, the slopes of which abruptly break down. All tourists will also admire the mountain cliffs and gorges, for example, Wimbachklamm. Due to the waterfalls, the Wimbachklamm gorge is one of the most fascinating in the Bavarian Alps.

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