“Royal lake”: the cleanest lake in Germany

Coming to Vier Jahreszeiten Hotel, don’t forget to visit Lake Koenigssee («Royal lake»), one of the most beautiful natural wonders in Berchtesgaden, located in the Southeast of Bavaria.

A large part of the lake lies within the National Park Berchtesgaden. Emerald pond with crystal clear water is comfortably located and surrounded by mighty mountains and stunning Alpine scenery. Due to the unique nature and picturesque surroundings, the lake is very popular among travelers and tourists.Its length is about 8 kilometers and width is 2 kilometers. The water in the «Royal lake» is enough cold even in the hottest season, because a water basin takes nutrition from numerous underground sources and water springs.

Lake Koenigssee counts to be one of the cleanest in Germany that’s why after some cleaning its water is getting appropriate for drinking. Careful attitude to the nature helps to maintain perfect environmental conditions in this locality. For example, it’s forbidden to use a vehicle here excepting electromotive boats which don’t pollute the air.

The beauty of the lake is ,undoubtedly, enchanting. You will be fascinated by the seductive and calm atmosphere of this place. If you can only visit the Berchtesgaden, take a trip to the «Royal Lake», you will not be dissappointed!