Salt mine in Berchtesgaden

Take a fascinating journey through time into the sparkling underground world of salt. As early as 1517, "White Gold" was continuously produced in the salt mine in Berchtesgaden.

An entertaining excursion takes visitors to an exciting time travel through the history of salt to the very depths of the salt mountain.

At the beginning of the excursion, which lasts about an hour, the visitors on the miner's train cover a distance of 1,400 m deep into the mountain. In the underground world with a total area of 6.000 m², you will find impressive multimedia installations. You are welcome to join an unforgettable adventure for adults and children! The main attractions of the salt mine are:

- Mining slope 36 m long

- Ferry ride through the mirror underground salt lake

- Underground salt chapel

The salt mine in Berchtesgaden, located about 20 kilometers from Salzburg, is an ideal place for walking the whole family in the vicinity of the city. 

After the joyful adventure in the salt mine you will be waited for recreation and relaxation at the Hotel Reikartz Vier Jahreszeiten Berchtesgaden.