Vodka manufactory «Grassl»

The distillery «Grassl» has been existed since 17th century. An owner of this enterprise started to do schnapps consisted of alpine gentian and still mountain water. The process was laborious, but this spicy drink had been sold well. A manufacturer got a license for exclusive extraction of gentian root and production of alcohol. Primarily, it had been just schnapps, later an assortment increased as an amount of used herbs.

«Grassl» is enough popular place among tourists.  Nowadays here are produced a lot of kinds of drinks. All products are available for testing and buying. There are full-size bottles and little souvenirs in the factory shop.

Degustations are held for free.

Visitors of manufactory are told about process of cooking alcohol drinks as it used to be. Moreover, they have an opportunity to see raw material and dishes, to watch a film about producing of goods.

A distillery «Grassl» is situated in 4 km from Berchtesgaden to the side of Salzburg. The way to the «Grassl» takes only 10 minutes by car or bus.

The manufactory is opened during all week excepting Saturday. You can attend this amazing place for free.

After exciting trip to the distillery «Grassl» we will be very pleased to welcome you as our guest to the hotel «Reikartz Vier Jahreszeiten» for relaxing in a unique feel-good atmosphere.